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Dryer Vent Services We are well prepared and equipped to serve almost all premises.


Dryer Vent Cleaning, Repair & Installation

Are you aware that your current dryer vent is a fire dangerous? There are actually approximately 15,000 fires every year which bring around 10 deaths, 310 personal injuries, and more than $84 .4 million in property or home damage. Accordingly we suggest you to take an opportunity and order our services Dryer Vent to clean that lint making your residence risk-free as well as your dryer more efficient.

We are experts in dryer vent cleaning and utilize merely highly effective equipment. We are extremely well prepared and equipped to serve almost all premises including residential houses and business owners in San Francisco Bay Area.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process.
The the initial cleaning is conducted from the inside of your house. We pull your dryer out and detach the transition hose, clean it up perfectly making absolutely sure it is actually free of kinks. After that we connect a y-joint to the dryer vent opening in the wall surface. This allows us to utilize our rotary brush and great powered vacuum cleaner together. Our rotary brush loosens the lint inside your dryer vent making it possible for our ultra powerful vacuum cleaner to suck the lint away from the vent making the whole length of your vent extremely clean. Before and after each maintenance we use a portable anemometer that calculates the wind velocity at the exhaust exit of your dryer vent. This can help us determine how much the circulation of air has improved after the dryer vent system has been cleaned.

Dryer Vent Repair and Installation.
Our professional dryer vent repairs and installations will exceed your expectations. Having us accurately install your dryer vent system will guarantee that your dryer works without endangering your health and efficiently. A dryer vent system is created to remove heat, moisture and lint from your dryer. A gas dryer also exhausts carbon monoxide. Poor venting could potentially cause a dryer fire and may result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Property owners usually replace their dryer for the reason that they presume it is just not drying effectively , but nevertheless, in most cases the dryer vent system is the issue. The cost of repairing or replacing a dryer vent system may very well be much less than the cost of a new dryer, which can also operate improperly in case the dryer vent system is defective or dirty. In case you are having troubles with your dryer vent system , give us a call, we can easily help.