Dirty Ducts May Be Contributing To Larger Health Issues

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Dirty Ducts within your home implies a dirty air in your living spaces. There are some instances where the pollution indoor exceeds the one outdoors. This happens especially when the Duct is very dirty. The worry is that most of the people spend their time indoors and this means that they experience variety of health issues because of dirty air ducts. There are some health issues that are caused by unclean ducts in your room. The major role of the duct in your home is to convey the clean air from the atmosphere. However, when it is clogged with dirt, all the particles will be deposited in your lungs causing major health problems in your respiratory system. Below are some of the health issues that are caused by dirty ducts in your home:

1.Sinus Health Problems

When there is a lot of dust particles and debris, they get blown into your living space during every cycle of the heater or air conditioner. As you breath, most of the particles enters your nasal passage with the air you breath in. Such particles finds their way to the sinuses and thus causing inflammation which may in turn lead to an infection. This painful condition(Sinus infection) can result in serious complications if left untreated. Therefore, it is advisable to have a clean duct so as to avoid inhalation of such particles and therefore reduce the chances of sinus problems.


Most of the dirty ducts have deposits of mold spores, dust, and pollen grains. There are many people who are allergic to such particles and when they stay inside a living space with such ducts, allergic attacks may set off or lengthen. If you find out that your allergic attack symptoms are worse while at home then subside while you are outdoors, then the problem is with your duct. You are simply becoming allergic to the deposits that comes along with the air from outside. Just try cleaning your ducts and see the changes.

3.Respiratory Infections

There are many viruses, bacteria, fungi and other allergens that hangs around a dirty air duct. This implies that the air from outside passes through such pathogens and they will find their way to your living room. As you breath, you inhale those disease causing organisms with the inhaled air. This way, you may end up having severe respiratory infections. The best way to do this is to have them cleaned on regular basis so as to destroy that environment where pathogens live.

4.Dirty Air Ducts Can Cause Asthma

Those individuals with asthma, an attack can be triggered by exposure to pollen grains, dust particles and other small particles that comes with air due to dirty ductwork. Such people finds that the situation worsen when they are indoors and when they spend their time outdoors, it becomes better. This means that your duct needs cleaning. You have to get rid of all the particles that have accumulated in the air duct.

5.It Creates A Dirty Environment For Small Children And Therefore Can Cause Infections

It is a fact that small children are easily affected by dirty environment. Such particles such as pollen grains and dust can settle in your carpet or floor where children spend most of their time. Besides, the disease causing organisms can settle in your floor and your children can easily become ill due to exposure to such pathogens that comes along with air.

6.Dirty Ducts Causes Offensive Odors

There are many people who are negatively affected by bad odors. Some can even become sick and have stomach upset just because of unpleasant odor. When particles and molds are deposited in the duct, they develop a bad odor. People get irritated by such odors and the only way to avoid this is to have the duct thoroughly cleaned.

Those are some of the major health related problems that are cause by Dirty Ducts. It is recommended to have your duct checked by experts on regular basis. There are some common symptoms that can guide you on when to have it cleaned. For instance, if it overheats, or the air strains to pass through(characterized by whistling sound) and the bad odor then you have to clean it.


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