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Air Duct Replacement

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance in your home. You and your family could
be vulnerable to air-borne pathogens, allergens, bacteria from grime, and other
invisible enemies that come from poor air duct circulation and effectiveness.

An air duct system is an essential component to the prime air flow in your home. Just
like the circulation of your bloodstream, it circulates air and contributes to
the optimum heating and cooling conditions in every room. The quality of
comfort in your own home depends on how you feel in each room every day. It’s
not pleasant to either freeze or sweat. Air duct systems have become popular
since they move air around your home at an even temperature. They are usually
constructed of either metal, which is the most common, and plastic, which is
called flexible ductwork.

There are two types of systems that use air ducts: forced air heat and central air
conditioning. Let’s take a look at each type, its components, and what could
possibly need to be repaired or replaced.

Forced air heat and central air conditioning, both of which use air ducts, are more
common in new homes and those that have been freshly remodeled. As opposed to
heating baseboards, radiator heat, or separate heating units like space heaters
and wood stoves, an air duct system is far superior.

Air ducts also work in conjunction with the air handling unit, such as a fan,
blower, or specific air handler. If any of these units suffer from electrical
problems, clogged mechanisms, or simple wear and tear, your air duct will also
not function properly. In addition, the forced air system is based on a
thermostat to keep the heat at an even level for greater efficiency. This
thermostat could also malfunction or become ineffective after use. Central air
uses condenser units and evaporator coils, both of which can break down like
any other component. In addition to the air ducts, your vents might be
functioning improperly or need to be replaced. The heating source needs to be
able to properly move air through the ducts. Any stagnation or weak air flow
will result in that poorer quality of air.

The air ducts themselves can leak or crack, which stagnates air flow and reduces
air flow efficiency by almost half its original strength. This leads to higher
energy bills for you, as well as the problem of not feeling comfortable in your
home. Simple repairs from sealing leaks with mastic to using scrap sheet metal
can be performed to prolong the life of the duct.

But sometimes, minor repairs won’t solve the problem. Air duct components and
systems that are old or broken or have been poorly installed may need to be
replaced. These types of jobs are complex, time-consuming, and may require a
specially made piece of ductwork to complete the replacement. If you suffered
from poor circulation and blocked arteries in your body, you would go see a
doctor to become healthy again. Similarly, you want to call on an HVAC expert
to look after the health of your air ducts. An HVAC professional will let you
know when it’s time to move from basic patching and fixing to investing in a
new air duct system. This is especially urgent if you have serious problems
with mold.

To assess your current air duct system’s condition, try hiring some trained professionals.
The experts at Healthy Duct Cleaning  have powerful,
truck-mounted equipment to get rid of dust, debris, pet dander, grime, gunk,
and other allergens. They install air duct systems quickly, so your home won’t
feel either sweltering or freezing any more.

The most important factor to prevent air duct replacement is to make sure your air
system is cleaned on a regular basis. This is one of those oft-forgotten home
tasks, like getting your furnace checked, testing smoke alarms, and cleaning
under the fridge. Since it’s not as easy as replacing a burned out lightbulb,
many homeowners put it off until it becomes an expensive job. But when those
temperatures climb into the upper 90s and even triple digits, you don’t want
your central air to suddenly break down. Experts recommend two annual
inspections. Schedule your air duct maintenance into your calendar along with
your other spring and fall cleaning tasks. You’ll be glad you did.


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