Incredible Tips for Air Duct Cleaning

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Do you know that the air ducts in your home are doing a crucial job? They are diffusing air throughout your house by cooling or heating system. However, there is also one job that they are likely to do if they are not watched properly. They can also become a reason for indoor air pollution by spreading dirt and slime in the atmosphere surrounding you under your shelter. They can be a big trouble if any of your family member has environmental sensitivities. Even the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes the importance of air duct cleaning and tells a great deal about its benefits.

Here are a few tips to perform the air duct cleaning.

  • Mold Assessment

If there is moisture in the surroundings due to inadequate ventilation, then mold develops and starts accumulating in the area. If mold establishes its existence in your air ducts, then it is going to be contributor to poor indoor air quality because air passes through the ducts and would be infested with mold spores which enter your living space.

Thus, first thing you need to do is mold assessment. If mold is accumulated in the ducts, it would be visible inside the air ducts’ hard surfaces and also on the other areas of cooling and heating system. However, you also have to do the library analysis of a sample taken from the ducts. It is pertinent to mention here that in case of some air ducts cleaning is not sufficient rather the ducts need to be replaced e.g. insulated air ducts.

  • Look Out for Debris and Clogs

Clogs are likely to accumulate in the air ducts and insects and rodents are no exception here. If this clogging happens to extreme, you would start feeling the particles emitting from the air ducts. The clogs give rise to mildew and mold in the duct-work due to decaying matter and thus cause the particles blow in your living space.

  • Contact Cleaning

It is a method of air duct cleaning which employs a conventional vacuum to get rid of the dust, dirt and other debris from the heating, cooling and ventilating duct-work. However, the vacuum cannot reach the entire duct-work and area that can be cleaned is limited mainly by hose length.

  • Air Sweep Cleaning

This method employs a larger vacuum and compressed air. Compressed air sifts the debris, dirt and dust from the duct walls and the airborne particles are left to be dealt for the vacuum. This method does not leave any area uncleaned but is time consuming.

  • Hiring a Professional

All this endeavor seems pretty tedious so you can also hire professional for this purpose. There are several companies offering the services as well as the products in this regard. Hiring the services of a professional is a good idea because you would be spared from a nasty work and also would get the job done perfectly. We assume that the Healthy Duct Cleaning would agree with us in the matter.