What Is Air Duct Cleaning And Why You Should Do It?

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There has been quite a debate going on about air duct cleaning and whether it is necessary or not. However, many of us still don’t know what air duct cleaning is about and why is it becoming the focus of attention these days. So, here is a run-through of air duct cleaning and why and when it is incumbent.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

As we already know that the issue of indoor air pollution is becoming a growing concern these days. There are several companies that are launching products and services which can help improve the indoor air quality e.g. Healthy Duct Cleaning which is doing a great job. You might have come across advertisements or a salesperson of a company offering you to clean your air ducts in order to improve the indoor air quality of your house.

You might not be aware of the fact that the duct-work becomes the pathway and a source of dirt sometimes and not only dirt but also it can transmit biological contaminants and dust to your house. Thus your room needs to be cleaned and the duct cleaning is the process of removal of the mold, slime, dirt, any other material that is stuck in duct-work and other ventilating, air conditioning and heating components. These components are generally supply and return air ducts and registers, diffusers and grilles, heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, fan motor, fan housing, drain pans, and the air handling unit.

Why You Should Do Air Duct Cleaning?

If these components are not installed properly or not operated and maintained so they may get contaminated with dust particles, debris, pollen and so on. If there is moisture in the atmosphere, then there are chances for microbial growth to increase and the spores resulting from this growth can be diffused in the living space of the house.

When to Do the Air Duct Cleaning?

It mainly depends upon your equipment operating schedules, filtration used, climate, air contaminants, home occupant expectations and costs. Also, when the new duct-works are being installed or when the older ones are replaced, this process should be inclusive of duct cleaning. If the new equipment is not sealed till it is installed it is time for duct cleaning.

Duct cleaning should also be performed when you feel that it is about time your duct-work has been installed and it must be contaminated with debris, slime, mold or dirt, rodents and dead bugs then it’s time to do the cleaning.

When Air Duct Cleaning Is Incumbent?

You must do the cleaning in case of:

  • Permanent water damage
  • Debris restricting airflow
  • Slime growth
  • Dust discharging from air supply registers

However, if no one in your house is suffering from any allergies, illness or unexplained symptoms and after inspecting the insides of duct-work you see no signs that the air ducts are contaminated with accumulation of debris then there is no need to perform the duct cleaning.